Product Instructions:

Congratulations on acquiring your new SlideWinder Ring!  Get ready for a lifetime of enjoyment discovering and expanding unlimited new sound possibilities with the SlideWinder Ring. 

Quick tips

  • Please remember – it’s not a tube slide – it’s a SlideWinder ring – a TOTALLY different tool. A SlideWinder is much easier to play than a tube slide – however, it works best when used correctly.
  • Keep the ring on at all times, even when you don’t think you will use it. It should not get in the way, so why play without it? Forget you have it on – then use it whenever you want. If you take it off, you cannot use it.
  • DON’T PRESS. Please – do not press at all. Just barely touch. Let the magnets do all the work. Just touch and glide! Once you feel it grab, you get it. Buzzing, or clacking against frets? Stop pressing. Easy.
  • Curl your finger around the ring: Play like you do now without wearing anything. No changes.
  • Keep the rail diagonal across your middle finger (don’t try to keep the rail straight, the angle is your best friend – it lets you use ALL your fingers).


Tricks to get started

1)  Which finger? “Middle-of-the middle” finger works best, by far. You can try other fingers, however, it is designed to work best on the middle-of-the-middle-fingeraffording you the greatest ease, flexibility, and playability. Please start here and you will love the results.

2)  Where on the middle finger? “Middle-of-the-middle-finger” is easiest ─ exactly between the top and bottom knuckles. That’s the magic sweet-spot.

3) How do I hold my fingers? Cribbed around the ring, fingers bent. The same way you play now.

4) Positioning the ring on your finger: Touch the head and tuck the tail.” IMPORTANT:  The “head” (shortest side) of the slide rail should be facing up, not down. This way the bar is locked firmly in a diagonal position across your finger and you can use ALL your fingers AND the ring at the same time.

5) Cribbing: You should have full access to your fingertips when the ring is “cribbed” (all fingers curled while playing naturally). It’s easy!

6)  No need to “mute.” The ring is self-muting. Just play.

7)  Combining fingers and SlideWinder Ring: Try combining finger and slide riffs.  Experiment with “plucking-off” by lifting off on one or more strings. The ring literally plays itself! This technique is unique to the SlideWinder Ring ─ opening new musical possibilities.


Additional Resources:

(visit our YouTube Channel for lots of hints/techniques/ideas, etc.!)

Caution (storing rings)

Strong magnetic field – use with caution and maintain a safe distance from electronics, smart phones, USB drives, pacemakers, credit cards, hotel keys, etc.

User assumes all risks and consequences for use or misuse of this product.


Oil: A drop of light oil (olive oil, for example) on the slide rail helps reduce string noise.

Light buffing/polishing: we recommend a fingernail buffing block to remove surface nicks.

(Rough cardboard or the back side of a leather belt works well, too. It restores a shiny playing surface. Nice.)


For best results: we recommend flat-wound strings (D’Addarrio/Chromes, Black Diamond/Chromium Flatwound, D’Angelico Steel Flatwounds, we have tested and work well.

PhosphorBronze strings (acoustic guitar): these do not magnetize enough to “grab” cleanly. We do not recommend them. You can get them to work, but not as easily as steel strings. We recommend steel or nickel strings, preferably flat-wound, bright-sounding, for electric or acoustic. Steel round-wound strings also work fine, especially on electric – they actually increase harmonic resonance.

Boosting your tone (it’s true!)

The SlideWinder boosts your tone: in richness, intensity, clarity, and sustain. It increases pickup output. It’s not your imagination – it’s true and scientifically proven. Just play a SlideWinder Ring…and you will hear it.

Thanks! We appreciate your purchase and new ideas.

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