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Jimi Hendrix is still inspiring & new sounds and techniques

Guitar innovation – new technology introduction

Who would believe Jimi Hendrix is still driving leading-edge guitar sound innovation today? If I didn’t personally know this was true, I might not believe it myself.

Alex Calder, the inventor of SlideWinder technology and CEO of SlideWinder LLC, credits Jimi Hendrix as the original source for the inspiration behind his recent technical breakthrough:
The SlideWinder ring (scheduled for launch at 2018 Winter NAMM, January 25-28, booth 1253).

“The first time I heard Jimi’s solo in ‘All Along The Watchtower,’ it completely blew my head apart. I had no idea how anyone could make a guitar sound like that” (Alex is referring to the unexpected slide guitar section emerging at 3:00, in the studio rendition of Jimi’s version of Bob Dylan’s iconic song).

“Early on, when I was learning guitar, I tried to visualize how players were creating various sounds on the fretboard. Usually, I could more-or-less figure out techniques they were using. Or…at least get close.

“With Jimi’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’ … it left me completely dumbfounded. I had no idea how it could be possible that an electric guitar, no matter who played it, could create that slide-guitar section, right in the middle of a finger-play section, with no breaks in between. It completely confounded me.

I asked every guitar teacher and skilled player I knew. It seemed each had his own answer, and after testing them all myself … I realized none could possibly be correct. None of their ideas worked or were even possible.

Apparently, I stumbled upon one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the known guitar universe.

I became determined to solve this guitar riddle. After buying, creating, and testing every possible combination of available solution, including many of my own inventions, I discovered the answer: the SlideWinder ring. With it, I could play ‘All Along The Watchtower’ all the way through, including the mystery slide-section, using all my fingers ̶ without using a slide, at all.

The secret was layers of innovation, including an angled steel slide bar, worn as a ring, with powerful rare-earth magnets gripping the strings … and the SlideWinder ring was born.

“The SlideWinder ring (patent-pending) is a breakthrough guitar player’s tool using rare-earth magnets to interact musically with electric guitar strings, creating a magnetic “floating fret.” It allows players to use all their fingers, while simultaneously duplicating slide-guitar ̶ just as Jimi Hendrix recorded in his most-famous guitar solo in ‘All Along The Watchtower.’”

SlideWinder, LLC is launching the following new products at Winter NAMM 2018, held Jan. 25-28, 2018:

SlideWinder™ Ring – unique “magic” magnetic floating fret (patent-pending)

  • Perfect technique, instantly. Magnets do ALL the work.
  • Innovative—creating an entire universe of unique sounds new to music.
  • Use all your fingers, the same way you do now. (Non-destructive)
  • BOOSTS your tone: more magnets add more power to your tone. You will hear the difference.
  • Hand-crafted in Nepal, by professional jewelers
  • Wearable in any number, on either hand, allowing unheard-of combinations of sound.
  • Works on guitar (acoustic or electric), bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin…and ANY stringed instrument

SwitchPick, by SlideWinder: (the highest-grade pick you can buy…attached to your hand).
Switch INSTANTLY between plectrum/pick-playing and playing with fingers

  • Never lose a pick again
  • Switch instantly to pick from fingers, and back again, in less than a second
  • No more holding a pick in your teeth – or finding a place to put it
  • Individually hand-carved from buffalo bone, by professional artists, in Nepal
  • Sharp attack, warm tone, great feel
  • It’s leashed to finger  ̶  flip it out, flip it back in

PRESS RELEASE: SlideWinder Co., 2018 Winter NAMM, Hall E Booth 1253
January 11, 2018
San Francisco, CA

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The SlideWinder Ring scheduled for launch at 2018 Winter NAMM, January 25-28, booth 1253.

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