SlideWinder® Ring

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SlideWinder® Ring Details

No batteries, wires, cords, software. No electricity is required. It’s 100% Active Analog advanced electromagnetism. 

Powerful and Permanent Built-in Magnetism

There is no need to recharge, remove, or replace them.


Guitar (electric or acoustic) plugged or unplugged
Bass (it turns every bass into a fretless, instantly)
Cigar box guitar
Shovel guitar 

Interview with the Inventor

2021 SlideWinder Review

What our customers are saying

This is really cool. Thanks for showing it to me. I plan on making a lot of noise with this.

Joe Perry, Lead guitarist of Aerosmith

I love it. It’s totally new and really innovative. I can do things with this I never thought of before, and never heard before. Congratulations – you have a killer product. I cannot wait to work with it more.

Doug Doppler, recording guitarist for Guitar Hero and student of Joe Satriani

It’s like using a laser – when you’ve been using a hammer and chisel the whole time. You will love it.

Jon Tiven, Nashville artist, studio guitarist, songwriter and producer for: Buddy Guy, Etta James, B.B. King, etc.

It redefines what a guitar does in any genre.

David Gerbic, Former professional guitarist and guitar teacher

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Frequently asked questions

How does the SlideWinder® Ring compare with a traditional tube slide?
This is not a traditional “inert tube” slide.

It’s an active analog tool, totally new, and very different from a standard slide. In this case, “different” means MUCH easier to use, and substantially more versatile. You can literally play hundreds of new things which no slide-master can equal. No bull. Plus, you can play incredibly easy slide stuff, too, to start with.

Who is this ring for?
The SlideWinder® ring is designed for people who love the sound of a slide in the hands of a skilled player, but with the following advantages:
1) No need for years of practice
2) Keep full use of all your fingers
3) Keep string action low – the way you like it
4) Be able to switch instantly and effortlessly between fingered and slide sounds

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